Breaking the Boundaries

Eaglet Fledging (Program for Class 9th & 10th)

This is an extensive program designed to cater the major problems faced by the early teenagers. They are facing extreme level stresses and emotional instability in their overall lifestyle. They are at the beginning of the stage where their short term goal and long term aims of life are to be designed with great perfection. This needs to be done in sync with what actually they want from their life the relationship with their parents, school, friends and with ownself, is taking new twist and turn. We, with our program empower youth to manage all of these unsaid and real time issues and give clarity to our young leaders thoughts.

Topic Covered: || Emotional Quotient||MAGIC||Stress Management||Law of Attraction||Relationship Building and Handling Conflicts||Decision Making.

Attendees: School Faculties||Students||One Parent

Eaglet Strengthening (Program for Class 11th & 12th)

This is an extensive program designed for middle teenagers. They have already taken few decisions by now. But these decisions are mostly due to various unsaid and prevailing pressures. Problems like demotivation, extreme emotional stresses of life and career, lack of time management and inability to define and strength their goals is commonly seen at this stage. Our programs brace them in achieving their objective by honing their skills, affirming their decisions and get ready to move out from an adolescent to be an adult.

Topic Covered: || Emotional Quotient||MAGIC||Stress Management||Motivation||Time Management||Positive Personality||

Attendees: School Faculties||Students||One Parent



Eaglet Flying (Program for Under Graduate & Post Graduate)

The young youth is strong enough to take independent flight. Attitude, Knowledge and Skills are three major components of facing for making the structure of Happy and Successful Leaders and Champions of their chosen field. Our program is powerfully designed to strengthen their emotional quotient, synergize their thoughts to take more concrete and clear decision in right direction. We embed strong leadership skills and generate winners attitude that help them achieve their passions and which prepare them as a whole and transforms them as a global citizen.

Topic Covered: || Emotional Quotient||MAGIC||Stress Management||Leadership||Winners Attitude||Self Esteem.

Attendees: Institute Faculties||Students

Personal Mentoring and Consulting