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Welcome to the world of Crystal Triangle.

One of its kinds of International Training Organization.

We at Crystal Triangle believe that God has made every human being unique and distinct, each having one power which nobody in the world have.

The One and Only One Version of Self

We offer complete training programs to school and college students to understand their greatest potential and fulfill their personal and professional aspirations in life. In our programs we work towards inculcating the force in youth to become Champions and Leaders in their own chosen path. Our aim is to encourage students to make choices of their own and stand by them. Our programs are designed in such a way that helps the youth in discovering their hidden powers and utilizing them at the best and Lead a Successful Happy Life.

Our program offer training which will help your students in developing their leadership skills, motivational skills, decision making skills and time management skills. We also analyze that today’s youth is facing lots of stress related issues which results into lot of behavioral and psychological problems. There are unsaid pressures which are prevailing throughout the young generation. Their perceptive of life has changed drastically and it is the major concern for every parent and educational institute. Our programs focus on these issues and help our students in managing stress and over pressure. Our programs help in bridging the gap which is growing everyday between Parents, Youth and Institutions.

We believe it is our responsibility to create successful leaders who can evolve and adapt in dynamic environment with values, integrity and ethics. Our aim is to develop young minds so that our world has happier people. We wish to empower our young minds with the ability to decide, focus and achieve their desires. We wish to make students ready for corporate world globally with an edge that is contentment and satisfaction.

Our best wishes as you embark upon your Journey To Success, with Crystal Triangle!!

Team Crystal Triangle


To position ourselves in the minds and hearts of every life globally as No.1 Training Organisation for Generating Excellence and Happier People.


Creating MAGIC


Synergizing Believe
We believe everything is possible if you truly desire. Law of attraction says that entire universe get along with you in perusal of your dream.
Synergizing Passion and Focus
We believe that the most natural power of each one of us is born with is passion. We understand that passion and Focus are the most required attributes of CHAMPIONS.
Synergizing Strength
We believe that the Strength to stand by your decision lies within everyone the only thing is to search and believe it.
Synergizing Learning
We believe that our audience is young and dynamic and so our programs. We develop the environment of learning in sync with our youth’s requirements.
Synergizing Wisdom
We value the power of wisdom and promote every life to search this power within.
Synergizing Change
Change is the only constant. We prepare people to prepare well in advance for various changes. We believe that every life should know that change is a Bliss.


My Dearest Friends,

India and the world need global citizens with very different ideas, strong values, great beliefs, proactive decision making with passionate energy. World is looking for those people who can imagine transforming the future in most constructive manner. Crystal Triangle has taken birth to create those leaders who can develop that magical world of strong integrity and smiling faces. At Crystal triangle, we believe that world belongs to youth, youth who can foresee future and aim accordingly with strong will. Youth who can achieve the highest heights in most advantageous direction as per their passion and desires. Our team is determined to brace our youth to shape their future to ensure a better tomorrow for the earth’s seven billion people.

We empower our youth with imagination, inspiration, extreme passion, determination and consistency which in turn make them champions, leaders and happier successful beings.

“Just dare to believe in Miracles and see the MAGIC”



Dear Parents,

Our children are extensions of our personalities. Thus in order to make our personalities more impressive and powerful we want to shape our children in a manner which we think is best. As a parent we have always taken pride in presenting our kids in our social strata since they were infants. However in that process we forget that our children apart from being our extensions have their own individual personalities and lives as a parent now we have to realize that they have now walked out of our comfortable laps and are ready to take up new challenges of the world. As when your child was learning to walk on his/her own and you stood away to let him/her walk on his/her own and encouraged him/her to stand again on his/her each fall similarly, it’s time to stand away and encourage them with your undying support and appreciation.

Let your eaglets, model you as their role models and strengthen their wings to soar highest in the sky.

(An Eagle waiting to see my eaglet touching sky)



Join Our Team

Please send you CV @ with cover letter or Call us at +91 - 9871976935
or +91 - 9650211227


Join Our Team

Please send you CV @ with cover letter or Call us at +91 - 9871976935
or +91 – 9650211227


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