Breaking the Boundaries

Eaglet Flying (Program for Under Graduate & Post Graduate)

Set of Skills Students and Corporate Businesses Require: We Focus and Train

Programs Benefits
• Self-Management (Entrepreneurship, Professionalism, Initiation, Assertiveness, Work Ethics And Responsibility, Lifelong Learning)
• Leadership Skills (Delegating, Role Modelling, Decision Making, Analysing Skills)
• Task Management & Time Management (Planning, Organising, Multitasking)
• Communication Skills (Speaking, Writing, Listening & Reading)
• Team Work (Collaborating, Appreciating Diversity, Flexibility, Helping Others, Interpersonal Skills)
• Critical Thinking & Problem Solving (Identifying Problems And Solutions, Understanding Corporate Expectations, Finding Information)
• Global Awareness (Developing understanding and following the Global trends and Market needs)

The young youth is strong enough to take independent flight. Attitude, knowledge and skills are three are major components of facing the structure of Happy and Successful Leaders and Champions of their chosen field. Our programs is powerfully designed to strengthen their emotional quotient, synergize the thoughts to take more concrete and clear decision in right direction, embed strong leadership skills and generate winners’ attitude that help them achieve their passions and prepare themselves as a whole which transforms them as a global citizen

Program Objective
• Enhancing the Level of Competitiveness & Employability
• Building the Leadership Talent in Students
• Implement an electronic employability assessment to analyse, identify, classify, manage, enhance & groom real time talent of the students
• To develop Cognitive, Emotional, Stable, Social and Successful Students
• Enhancing Decisions Making & Problem-Solving Skills
• Manifesting Attributes for Growth oriented and Initiating Champions
• Self-Motivation, Skill and Attitude Development
• Managing and Reducing Stress

RECOMMENDED TOPICS These topics are tentative recommendation from Crystal Triangle. However, Customisation can be done as per the institute recommendation, Gap Analysis, TNI & TNA.
Motivation | Communication | Leadership | Time Management | Decision Making | Stress Management | Emotional Quotient | Strategic Interview Skills & Powerful CV Writing| Corporate Expectations | Entrepreneurship Skills | Goal Setting | Winner’s Attitude - Adaptability & Learning Agility | Career Guidance | Positive Personality | Self Esteem | Success - Result Orientation | Relationship Building | Team Building & Interpersonal Skills | Conflict Management | Life Coaching | Law Of attraction

Program Benefits
• Enhance Employability Skills
• Identify their Entrepreneurship skills
• Understand their competitive level in comparison to world level of competitiveness
• Enhanced Leadership Skills, Decision Making Skills and Time Management Skills
• Discover great passion and wisdom and take their life to the next level
• Be a self-motivated person who would able to pursue what one believes in with success
• Make their decisions with concrete vision and mission
• Develop an attitude of champions
• Charismatic Communicator
• Remove barriers, limiting beliefs habits and past conditioning
• Reduce and manage the level of already existing and upcoming stresses
• Be Mentally and emotionally stronger
• Nurture Love & mutual respect environment between Student, Parents and Faculties
• Grow Intellectually, Emotionally, Practically, Socially, Personally and Financially
• Pursue a happy going life

All Programs includes: ||Questionnaire || Lectures || Guest Speakers || Group Activities || Presentations || Role Plays || Video Presentations || Discussions || Debates ||Ice Breakers ||

Location: College Premises | Course Award: Certificate & Learning |

Facilitation: Internally Facilitated by CRYSTAL TRIANGLE Trainers and Facilitators

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