Our Experts

Radhika Gupta, Founder & CEO

A Ph.D. Scholar from IIM Shillong, an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur, with more than a decade of working experience. She believes that God has made every human being unique and distinct, each having at least one power that nobody in the world has

Radhika states that anyone who dares to dream and believes in it always achieves their dreams. She is an Award Winning Entrepreneur and State President at Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She has Business HR experience with India's top multinational companies like L&T, DDBMudra Group, and ACE.

Ms. Radhika has been actively conducting training and development programs and workshops in leading corporations and is a visiting faculty to several premier B schools and Engineering institutes in India. Her works have been awarded and has been recognized by Thapar University, Bennett university, North Cap University, Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Studies, International Institute of Technology & Management, J K Business School, JIMS.

She realized that it's all about divinity and making wise choices. Radhika has carefully seen and handled the stress, ups and downs of the corporate world; however, she saw a lot of people succumb to it. She realized that people who are not able to sail through the stresses are the ones who have either not chosen to be in this career and were forced to work under some or the other pressure or they have made their choices late in their career. With this thought she along with training professionals conceived the idea of Crystal Triangle which helps the students to not only make their choices at the right time but stand by them and be happy successful people.

She says, "Just dare to believe in Miracles and see the MAGIC." She wants to spread this MAGIC all over with Love, Care, and Warmth.

Anupama Gupta, General Manager & Head Trainer

A Maters in Business Administration with overall 14 years of experience, as a Trainer with companies like HCL, Serco and ACE. She is an active council member of WICCI (Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). She was also an Assistant professor with IP University, Anupama ensure the best quality Training delivered to students.

Mrs. Anupama has been actively conducting training and development programs and workshops in leading corporate and is a visiting faculty to several premier B schools and Engineering institutes in India. As an achiever in different capacities, Anupama holds strong relations with her superiors, peers as well as her subordinates. While managing her both personal and professional life she always helped her colleagues in working out their issues. While helping her colleagues she realized that at the end of the each problem the root cause of issue is either the decision taken is not by choice or not taken at the time when it should have been.

She is a Believer of MAGIC & Wish to spread MAGIC all over with Passion, Values and Ethics


Suneel Keswani, Mentor & Training Consultant

A Masters in commerce, a versatile Scholar and a Trainer, Mr. Suneel Keswani has hardcore corporate experience of 32 years in companies like CMC Ltd, Shriram pistons and Rings ltd, and The Times of India.

Mr. Keswani has been actively conducting training and development programs and workshops in leading corporate and is a visiting faculty to a number of premier B schools and Engineering institutes in India. He works have been awarded and has been recognized by GMCS, ICAI, MSOP and ICSI. His clientele includes companies like HONDA, ICAI, INOX Group, NTPC, DLF Club, National Institute of Financial management etc. Mr. Keswani not only bring his vast experience to train people of different levels he also helps in identifying new ways to inspire people to achieve the desired goals and Happiness. He as a mentor and Training consultant offers a great support in achieving our goal of developing happier successful professional. With his inputs our trainings have been defined as per the current requirement of the corporates and students.

He is a believer of MAGIC and wish to spread the same by determination, enthusiasm and fun.

Paritosh Sharan, Training Consultant

Paritosh Sharan is an experienced and certified Executive & Life Coach, OD Consultant, Counsellor, a motivational Speaker , Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Leadership Development, Life and Behavioural Skills.

He has over 22 Years of rich corporate experience in leading Organisations such as, Tata Steel, Satyam Computers, Oracle Corporation, HCL Technologies and Tech Mahindra etc. He developed his insights through working in various functions and domains, which traverse from Plant Operations and Maintenance, Supply Chain, Business Process Engineering, IT Strategy Consulting, CRM Consulting, Partner Alliances Management, Project Management etc. His associations in his entire career includes, but not limited to industry domains such as, Manufacturing, Communication, BFSI, Engineering and Construction, IT and ITES, Government and Education, Business Consulting, Media and Healthcare Sectors.

He has done more than 700 hrs of Coaching & Counselling for various individuals and executives at various levels.

Change, development and success come from within. He makes it easier for you to bring them out and make things happen. He will help you see how to do what you know is instinctively right – but maybe lack the confidence or ideas to attempt on your own. As a psychologically trained but very pragmatic coach, he enable a far greater understanding of who you are, what drives you and how your beliefs impact on your leadership behaviour. Then how to use this information to help you rise to the challenges you face and seize the opportunities that arise. For his clients this helps them get better results. He is an expert in the field understanding human behaviour and their potential to achieve greatness.

Paritosh believes in MAGIC with Non-Duality & ONENESS which reflects itself through an invisible binding force.


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